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Our team loves technology and it shows.

We believe in clean, efficient code.

We focus on Content Management System (CMS) driven solutions that empower business users. We believe in clean, efficient code, and to that end, we are continually searching for the best in new technology. Some developers take a break by playing foosball – our team is known to get frothed up over a new developer tool. True fact!

Content Management Systems


One of the most popular content management systems in the world, WordPress allows website administrators to easily add and change content on their website. We develop websites with WordPress for many clients as they often want the ability to manage their site without using a web development company after it’s launched. Using WordPress doesn’t limit you to templates either. We prefer to custom code each website and page you will need on your site so that you can be sure your design will be reliable for years to come.

Ecommerce Development


If you are looking to sell your products online then you need an ecommerce website developed for your business. Shopify is one of our favourite solutions for ecommerce, they’re a Canadian company who we’ve been working with since 2006. We create custom Shopify websites for our clients that allow them to manage their products, customers, orders, and analytics, helping them grow their businesses. You’ll also be able to manage content like a traditional CMS, and will receive top level security and support for a monthly fee. Overall it’s a great solution for ecommerce brands.


WooCommerce is an ecommerce plugin with extensions for WordPress websites that allows you to sell and manage products. As with most eCommerce platforms you will be able to sell physical goods or digital downloads to customers all over the world. WooCommerce is an open source product which means it is developed and maintained by a community of people as opposed to a company like Shopify. This can help keep the costs down compared to other options, but support for your store isn’t top of the line if something needs fixing.

Custom Programming


Javascript allows us to add custom functionality in your website When you need to makes things happen that regular HTML and CSS can’t do. In technical terms Javascript is a client side scripting language that will communicate with your browser when you request to view a page that contains it. With javascript you can store and retrieve data when a user takes a particular action. That means we have the ability to change something depending on the user’s needs, and goals. This is the difference between a static website that simply displays content and a dynamic website that makes decisions based on the user’s actions.


Hypertext Preprocessor is the real meaning behind the PHP recursive acronym. PHP is an open source scripting language that can be added throughout the traditional HTML markup that creates a webpage. It is also the primary language that WordPress websites are built with. PHP code is executed on the server at which point results are sent to client. These results can be both static and dynamic content, such as HTML, images, files, and more. The main purpose of PHP for many web developers is to create dynamically loaded pages. This type of functionality allows you to pull content from one page to another page like your navigation without having to write the code twice.

The visual aspect of web design has 5 main design elements that need to be planned out before the website is developed.

HTML (Currently version 5)

Hypertext Markup Language is a system of tags that semantically displays your content on the web including the text, hyperlinks, images, and lists that make up the essence of what your website is about.

One of the foundations of web development, the HTML text files that we create are read and parsed by your browser in order to display the content in a readable manner to the end user.


Cascading Style Sheets are used to create and define the styles on a webpage. This includes everything from colour to layout, responsive page breaks, and more.

CSS is created when we combine a selector with a property and define a value for that property. In other words we select an element to style such as a heading, we determine what property or part of the heading we want to style such as the font size, and then we give a value to the font size that completes the rule

CSS can also be used to add animations to different elements on your website and can be triggered on particular states with Pseudo-Classes and Pseudo-Elements.

Responsive Layouts

Modern web development means building websites that will adjust to the device they are being viewed on. The ability to change the shape, and size of content dynamically is part of responsive web development.

Using a grid based system allows us to develop your website in a way that easily transitions the content from a horizontal layout to vertical as users switch from desktop to mobile devices.

Website Backups

Building a website can be a lengthy process and entering your content can also take a good chunk of time. We use technologies that allow us to backup our work as we develop your website just in case.

We can also backup your site once you’ve entered your content and it’s been published live on the internet. Accidents happen from time to time, but we’ll be there to support you with our secure development process.

We work with businesses, designers, and agencies to create beautiful, functional websites and custom applications