Mercado Capital

Mercado Capital Corporation has been providing equipment leasing services to businesses in Canada for over 20 years. Mercado Capital has developed a reputation as a key provider of independent equipment leasing to small and large businesses across Canada.

Mercado website on different devices


The primary purpose of the new website is to improve the ability to getting traffic, capture leads efficiently and present the Mercado brand in a consistent and competitive manner.


Not all corporate website look alike, or boring for that matter. Mercado strives to be different, yet to appear professional and clearly communicate the why a prospective customer should conduct business with them. We want to create look of an online business brochure. The design uses large typeface, brand colours, white space and high quality industry related photographs to create a consistent experience, look and feel that aligns with the overall Mercado brand

Mercado Capital Corporation website


We want to make sure the client’s frustration with managing their old site is well taken care of.

Mercado Capital’s new website utilizes WordPress with our custom built features: a custom post type is set up for Mercado to manage its pre-owned inventory; different call to action content that’s editable per specific page to help improve conversion; a team page introducing their team of leasing experts that’s sortable by location, etc.

The interface is intuitive and well thought after that the client are able to manage all the graphic and content across the site without any coding knowledge.

Mercado Capital Corporation website