Cycling BC

CyclingBC is the largest organizer of competitive cycling events here in British Columbia. The not-for-profit organization creates and runs events all across the province for both youth and adult alike. Here at SplitMango, as cyclists ourselves, we were very excited when CyclingBC approached our team about building a new website.

Cycling BC site on different devices


There is so much we love about Cycling BC. They take care of their community, promote a healthy lifestyle and engage the youth. We were happy to help sponsor their program by contributing to their new website. Past, present and future we are proud to be part of their explosive growth.


Sitting down with Cycling BC, we learned this project would be a fantastic opportunity to showcase their upcoming events and news. The organization has a constant stream of new events and updates that they needed bring to their community in any easy to use  and organized way. Being an extremely active organization we want to showcase how simple it was get involved and participate in cycling events. The site needed to feature the frequent stream of new events and news in way that brought their community the information they were looking for in way enticed them to learn more about the organization.

Like their fast moving community Cycling BC’s site needed up to date and a delight to use.Our design team delivered a design that was easy to navigate and included a simple way to sign up for events. This design and the nature of Cycling BC’s content presented a unique and exciting challenge, we needed to create a site that was never the same, but always familiar.

Cycling BC Website



Cycling BC excels at getting communities out to events & helping kids get involved with the wonderful world of cycling. They focus on providing great articles for their visits presented alongside fantastic events.
Our web design team provided a fantastic design that was build around getting the user involved by first by providing them with exciting content that encouraged them look deeper. We also need to integrate a collection of impressive event tools built to make the daunting task of maintaining a large number of events quite simple.

Cycling BC website, just like their organization is always changing and growing quickly. Since launch we have consistently  added new and exciting features to the website to help Cycling BC better target and engage the many different type of visitors that come looking for what’s new and exciting in competitive cycling in BC.

Cycling BC Website