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Let's start from the very beginning.

Our goal is create a frustration free experience for your customers

How would you like to use a website that meets your exact needs without any frustration or pain points? Sounds pretty wonderful doesn’t it? The Utopia of the internet in a way, but great User Experience is the product of thorough research and thoughtful design.  We’re applying the principles of UX to your website with the goal of creating a frustration free experience for your customers.

The Neilsen Norman Group summarizes User Experience as “encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products”

If we paraphrase this to apply to your website we can summarize User Experience or UX as “encompassing all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the website, its services and its products”.

One of the goals we work towards is making your website a more efficient model of your real world business for your customers. Your website is your storefront on the internet, and making sure every person who walks by knows exactly what you can provide to them and how they can get precisely what they need is vital to creating conversions from visits. The functionality of your website is only one part of the puzzle for your customer, but it is the core aspect we perfect in user experience.

The UX design process is made up of 5 main sections that form the blueprints of your website.

User Research

Understanding your customer, their demographic, needs, goals, and frustrations will help us design the website your customers want you to have.

Thorough questioning and detailed answers will shape the findings that form design, navigation, language, and functionality decisions for your websites UX.

User Flow

Creating a detailed list of each action the user can take from the entrance of the website through to completing their goal and exiting the website. In other words each step the user takes from walking into your business, to browsing, looking for information, finding what they need, making sure it’s correct, exchanging information, and leaving the business satisfied.

User Flows are often created as a flowchart that depicts each action and decision the user is faced with throughout the completing the action that is the main purpose of your website.


Creating a complete list of all the pages that will exist on the website, the depth at which they exist, their labels, their linking structure, and their purpose will form the structure that your users will interact with every day.

Prioritizing results from user research will drive the decisions behind each aspect of the sitemap, while taking into account marketing and usability factors that can be affected.


With the link structure and purpose of the website pinpointed we will then create the skeletal like structure that makes up the website layout. Design principles and company branding guidelines will be applied where necessary while keeping the user focused on their goal.

These wireframes will then be sent off for critique and approval before being finalized as the skeleton the prototypes will be based on.


Creating a mockup of the website that the user can navigate through using buttons and links to test out the user flow, layout of information, labels, navigation, and overall informational experience the user will have on the website.

The goal of prototyping is to create a test environment that allows us to uncover potential frustrations and pain points the user may experience trying to complete their goal.

We work with businesses, designers, and agencies to create beautiful, functional websites and custom applications