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Prompton Real Estate Services is one of Vancouver’s top Real Estate team’s bringing the some of the cities most beautiful and impressive homes to the fast moving Vancouver market. With over 25 years experiences they continue to bring outstanding service and giant catalog of homes to market.

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We've worked with SplitMango since 2009. They've completed a number of full site re-designs for us, upgraded our branding and logos, and managed our online marketing for us throughout the years. They've been great in every step of the process and are a pleasure to work with throughout. They are passionate about keeping us up to date with the most recent trends and advances in web design and are a great asset to our company.

Alex Collins

Marketing Manager


Prompton Real Estate Services is one of Vancouver’s top Real Estate teams bringing some of the cities most beautiful and impressive homes to the fast moving Vancouver housing market. With over 25 years experience they continue to provide outstanding service and a giant catalog of homes to prospective buyers.

As their company grew in size and reputation over the years, so did Vancouver. Now in the digital first era, they needed a beautiful website that matches their brand. Focusing on strong imagery and a design that showcases the many locations they serve we designed and built a website that is the digital home for the brand.

Prompton offers many advantages to buyers, sellers, occupants and landlords alike. The new website correctly organizes each type of content so it would be easy to manage for Prompton. The WordPress platform was perfect fit for the project. Allowing the deep level of customization needed to handle the massive amount of content Prompton has.

The end results was a beautiful, responsive website that Prompton is proud of.

Prompton website


Prompton’s brand colours consist jet black & gold, which is a combination that represents class, simplicity and prestige. The core of the website’s design is to represent Prompton as a successful and highly regarded Real Estate services company. At the same time, the website serves as an easy to use platform for visitors who are in need of real estate services as well as for Prompton to conduct its business online.

The website aims to deliver each bit of information in the easiest manner. We designed a magazine layout which uses high quality photo, elegant typography and ample white space to ensure the content looks interesting and engaging to read. We also worked closely with Prompton to come up with an efficient and simplistic site navigation. With the core services and listing pages being the primary focus, the visitors are able to move across the site effortlessly and never feel lost at any point.

For property listings, we think a conventional and intuitive design will work the best. Even though there are many different features within the same page, the design balances this complexity by dividing each key information into sections with a clear visual hierarchy.

Prompton website


Prompton’s new design gave the site a fantastic personality that had our team exploding we with ideas. Having built many real estate websites previously we had an idea of where the project may grow to. With the wealth of history and content behind Prompton, the site needed to feel fresh and exciting while remaining strong and trustworthy. The design our design team gave us eloquently balanced the vast amount of content on each page by tastefully choosing when and where to show information.

All of these design and development ideas let our development team to stretch their muscles and create something really unique. We looked for opportunities to bring the interface alive with simple user-driven animations and effects built to put the important content first and foremost. In many areas of site you’ll see images that react to your mouse movements and content that only appears once you request it.

The front end was only half the mission with Prompton’s new website. The site’s infrastructure needed to built from the ground up to manage all of the unique content types that Promptons website includes. Special areas of the Administration area had to be custom built to handle the Buildings, Listings and Team Members at Prompton. Dividing up this content not only made it easier for the sites managers, but it allowed us as developers to tie each type of content to the other.

We built the Prompton’s new website to attach all of these types together. In this new system you could add custom team members to buildings and listings. This allowed the site to build valuable relationship between it’s content types.