Power2Max North America

Power2Max North America is a distributor of German made and designed precision cycling power meters.

Power2Max North America came to us looking to develop a new website to replace an already in place WooCommerce webstore and site that was difficult to update and manage for their team. The design desperately needed a refresh, we designed a clean polished, digital look to match their top of the line range of precision bicycle power meters. Power2Max North America already had a handful of great photography-content for us to work with building new banners and sliders. With a vibrant-green aesthetic to the brand, we brought coloured accents through the site bring everything together in a bright, clean, electronic and technological look.

Our real challenge was not the execution of the design, but in crafting a powerful product builder to accommodate the complex options their products present. Power2Max needs these options to be completed to place an order without issue.

Previously, their customers were able to inadvertently leave parts of the purchase process incomplete. This was a problem, with so many size, model and other specific options to select if their customers missed a step, it left Power2Max on the back foot for fulfillment. As with any online business, using man-hours to chase customers down for information innocently omitted affects your bottom line.

With strong photography assets from Power2Max, integrating vibrant green accents matching their brand was easy, achieving a technological, digital look.

Using Shopify’s powerful platform for E-Commerce, we built a custom product builder that guides Power2Max’s customers through the purchase process and information collection, while giving the customer the freedom to change their decisions at any time, until they are happy with the final purchase.

Power2Max was nervous about the change from a WordPress based site to Shopify, which we totally get: changing from a system that is technically working to something new is nerve wracking. While WordPress is a great solution for many sites (we love making WordPress sites too!), Shopify is built with the specific intent of making fully functioning, scalable E-Commerce websites that just work. Shopify’s powerful E-Commerce integration and Shopify Payments makes accepting payments fast, easy and secure.

“As an owner of a web shop which has been running for 7 years and depending on it as a main income source, I was very scared of changes but I knew I needed a new site. I was looking for a custom setup since our sales [are] very special and we have a lot of different options. Right from the start, SplitMango understood me and presented me with solutions that are even better of what I thought would be possible. From sitting down and talking about options to the finished system I was always taken care of and never had the feeling this would not work. At the end the customers love the new site, sales are good and I have to say it was so easy to change.” – Micheal Wegner, Owner/Operator Power2Max North America

With their new Product Builder now in place Power2Max North America can spend their time fulfilling orders, marketing and customer service that focuses on their product, not explaining how ordering on their website works. Built right before the launch of a new product line, they also discovered how easy adding new items is with Shopify, a content management system designed specifically around E-Commerce.

Requiring steps in a product builder rich with options is key to ensuring Power2Max North America avoids customer confusion, speeding their order fulfilment process and strengthening their bottom line.