Elysian Coffee Roasters

Elysian is a Vancouver Coffee roaster focused on making coffee uncomplicated. They do the work to make sure that finding a delicious cup of coffee at their cafes is straightforward, delicious and served with humility.

We endeavoured to make a website that reflected the cafe’s reputation for straightforward excellence. A website designed with intention to be uncluttered, offering space to focus on Elysian’s core goals for their website: Showcase their culture, coffee and retail locations to their users.

Presenting only the targeted information needed – MEET US – CARRY US – FIND US – in clear, easy to access locations with follow up Calls to Action above and below the fold. There’s also portals for two of their shops collection categories, with big beautiful images of feature products able to be added directly to the shopping cart.

Where products are featured, in the shop or the homepage, multiple paths are offered for Elysian’s customer profiles. Experienced coffee drinkers who know what they’re searching for can add directly to cart, less experienced drinkers are directed just as easily to specific product pages with in depth information.

Elysian Coffee is already respected in Vancouver for its beautiful cafes and exceptional roasting. Building their new website as a Custom Shopify website means they’re able to confidently scale their online business up as the brand grows nationally and internationally, all while honouring their people-first coffee culture.