Small Business Highlight

Small Businesses are the soul of many communities. Their ability to provide a localized customer experience and enhanced community vibrance is second to none.

SplitMango appreciates the opportunity to work with small businesses from our community. Equipped with knowledge as Shopify Experts, we have helped everyone from brick and mortar retailers to local restaurants make a digital splash! These are a couple of our most recent and favourite local Shopify projects:

Industry Workwear

With two locations in the Fraser Valley, Industry Workwear focuses on selling the best apparel and accessories for industrial workplaces.While retail store fronts are an asset, Industry Workwear realized the importance of e-commerce throughout the COVID-19 pandemic; especially as a method to maintain sales while in-store shopping was reduced. However, their existing site was a limiting factor for productivity, by being unable to sync inventories with their existing point of sale system.We helped them solve this problem through moving to Shopify; where their point of sale provider has an existing app that syncs inventories as sales are made in-store and online.

Additionally, this new site was an opportunity to offer a minor style change. With some of their brands becoming more popular outside of workplaces, working with a theme that had space for large and realistic images became more important than ever.The end result was a site that allowed the store to operate more effectively, while establishing a modern look and infrastructure.

Secret Garden Tea

Secret Garden Tea is a high tea restaurant in Vancouver’s Kerrisdale neighbourhood. Since 1995, this local establishment has quickly transformed a quaint tea room into one of the best tea houses in the city.Our recent project with Secret Garden Tea focused on transforming their existing site into a modern representation of their vision and goals. This started with modifying a Shopify theme to elegantly add their vibrant colour pallet and regal fonts.

As a service business, catering to customer needs is critical. This prioritized accessible information for in-restaurant dining, takeout, and private bookings.

With customers travelling from far corners of the lower mainland and beyond for Secret Garden‘s distinct experience, continuing that relationship after their seating is key. By building the site on Shopify, managing orders for pre-packaged tea and accessories became easier than ever.As another site launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, this site has been effective in making Secret Garden adapt and maintain their presence during uncertain times. Furthermore, the simple yet effective Shopify platform makes it ideal for ensuring their distinct status remains.

These examples demonstrate how adaptable the Shopify platform is for small businesses, as it equips them to grow through a scalable platform. By aiding these concepts, we believe this supports the true essence of entrepreneurship.

Want to build your online storefront? Drop us a message, we would love to create your digital presence!

story written by SplitMango Media