Vancouver Shopify Developers

Shopify is a fully customizable E-Commerce platform for business on the internet. Shopify provides the powerful core to your operations: Designed to manage payments, customer ordering, inventory management, marketing and tracking. Everything you need for running your business online.

There’s even integration for brick and mortar or pop-up locations available. Working with your already existing product catalog to connect with your customers. You’re able to focus on the quality of your product, marketing and, most importantly, customer relations.

Beyond a functional, searchable storefront, Shop Safety Products St John’s Ambulance needed custom account profiles so that their Branch Locations would be able to log on and re-order their supplies.

We are SplitMango and We Love Custom Shopify stores. We have the experience and skills to craft your customer’s journey, so they can discover your awesome product. We’re so good that we’re certified Shopify Experts and Partners. With SplitMango headquartered in the beautiful North Shore Mountains, we’re excited to be Vancouver Shopify Developers and even more excited that Shopify is a Canadian company producing an internationally business-ready platform.

We can take the Shopify core and transform it into an experience that makes e-commerce easy for both the customer and you the retailer.

Power2max North America needed an on brand, easy to navigate website that takes users through selecting specific options to place an order. A custom product builder and their vibrant green tied this website together to ensure their customers submit the information needed for Power2max’s staff to fulfill orders.

A custom theme is more than just matching your company’s branding. We look closely at User/Customer profiles, to design your webstore experience to guide Users to information, Calls to Action and your product or service.

As specialized Shopify Developers, we also have extensive experience with complex custom-product builders. Need a way for customers to fully customize materials, size, colour, shape of your product? You name it, we can build it for you. All to match your brand’s styling and vibe.

Prior Snowboards needed a robust product builder to handle their custom options for their hand-made snowboards out of Whistler BC, Canada.

Part of our values at SplitMango is empowering our clients with websites that they have the power to manage themselves. Shopify’s powerful backend interface is intuitive and simple to manage. It also has a built in Content Management System, so you can integrate a Blog or other stand alone content right from Shopify. We also believe in making websites that are future positive. Even if you decide to change your look, branding, or your customer profile changes, Shopify’s powerful core lets us make change AROUND your shops engine. It means less expense in the future for redesigns, shorter development time and your existing products won’t need to be re-entered.

SplitMango is a Vancouver Shopify Developer, but we’re ready to work remotely with clients, teams or agencies on specialized or broadly-scoped projects. We believe in communication, partnerships and also, really, really good code. We’re ready to help you start, or fine tune your business on the internet. We also like bikes, the outdoors, craft beers and waffles.

Sound like you found the right Shopify Developer for you? Give us a shout and let get your project rolling.

Chinese Tea Shop, Custom WordPress Theme Development
The Chinese Tea Shop, a mainstay of Downtown Vancouver’s vibrant Chinatown community wanted a website that felt like going to their knowledgeable shop front on Pender Street. They also wanted customers to be able to pay in their choice of currency, Shopify’s new Multi-Currency Payment System was a surefire solution.

story written by Dylan Davies