20 Questions with Jeremy Tsang

Tell me your name!
Jeremy Tsang.

Where are you from!
Born in Canada, parents from Hong Kong.

What is your development specialty?
Backend programming.

Where did you… develop your skills? School, first job, the internet?
Interest started as self-learning on the internet, then School to properly learn it, and job part-time alongside school.

What is your favourite coding environment and why?
Laravel PHP framework; worked with PHP from the beginning, and Laravel is a relatively recent tool that made PHP development fun again.

What’s your favourite kind of website to develop?
Large custom applications.

What’s the last place you travelled to? How was that?
White Rock, family day trip, it was nice and sunny.

We’re going out for lunch today, where are you taking me in Vancouver?
Lonsdale Quay food court.

Vancouver is an amazing city to live and work in, but lets say it’s a long weekend and you’re on a mission to relax, what are you getting up to?
Stay at home and rest, take a walk around the neighbourhood.

Do you follow any sports? What’s your favourite squad/team/athlete?

What’s the most challenging project you’ve worked on with SplitMango?
Shopify projects where we run into many restrictions.

You’re stressed out, what’s your secret to figure it out?
I pray (I’m a Christian).

What do you think of standing desks and concrete floors (what’s your favourite part of SplitMango’s new reno’s)?
Standing desks are very useful when not wanting to sit for so long, and the new configuration gives more privacy compared to sharing one long table.

What’s the most obscure music you listen to? How did you get into that genre/band/subculture?
I don’t listen to any music regularly.

What’s your favourite coffee shop in town? Are you there for the love of the bean? or to get some work done?
Don’t drink coffee much so don’t have one.

You’re making coffee: What’s your favourite brewing method?
I would like to use those espresso machines.

You’ve got a one day window for adventure, what local-ish gem are you going to?
Not too interested in anywhere, maybe the park near where I live.

Do you have opinions on the great Apple vs PC debate?
Not really, I use both.

Okay, what’s your hobby outside of the internet and computers?

Do you do the YouTube? What’s your favourite channel?
Not really.

Would you buy a ticket to colonize Mars?
I would still prefer Earth.

Bonus Question: What Vancouver landmarks do you find most inspiring?
I like the YVR because of it’s international vibes.

story written by Dylan Davies