20 Questions with William Li

Tell me your name!

Where are you from!

What is your development specialty?
Custom Shopify theme; product customizer.

Where did you… develop your skills? School, first job, the internet?
Mostly here working at SplitMango, and some from my own freelance projects. Our profession changes rapidly and every day I find myself learning a few new things.

What’s your favourite kind of website to develop?
A brand new Shopify store, or a revamped one.

What’s the last place you travelled to? How was that?
Seattle. It was interesting… but I still prefer Vancouver better.

We’re going out for lunch today, where are you taking me in Vancouver?
Miku in Downtown.

Vancouver is an amazing city to live and work in, but lets say it’s a long weekend and you’re on a mission to relax, what are you getting up to?
BBQ at the beach.

Do you follow any sports? What’s your favourite squad/team/athlete?
Yes I follow NBA. San Antonio Spurs is my team and LeBron James is my favourite player.

What’s the most challenging project you’ve worked on with SplitMango?
Prior Snowboard.

You’re stressed out, what’s your secret to figure it out?
I rarely get stressed out. Though when I do, I just imagine the worst thing that can happen. Most of the time it’s not as bad as what you think. I just make sure to try my best and things will always work out. That’s my mindset in any stressful situations.

What do you think of standing desks and concrete floors (what’s your favourite part of SplitMango’s new reno’s)?
Standing desks are awesome but I’m probably the person who utilizes it the least. Perhaps when I feel sleepy so I can stand up to stay awake 🙂 Then again, that rarely happens.

What’s the most obscure music you listen to? How did you get into that genre/band/subculture?
Electronic chill music. I love to listen to this type of music while working, or just having a relaxed day. I can put Emancipator’s playlist on loop all day long.

What’s your favourite coffee shop in town? Are you there for the love of the bean? or to get some work done?
Caffe Artigiano. I go there when I want to catch up with a friend on a slow day, not to mention the coffee tastes so good.

You’re making coffee: What’s your favourite brewing method?
A espresso machine with the steam wand. I have a Breville at home and I love making my own latte/cappuccino. It takes me back to the days when I worked at Blenz.

You’ve got a one day window for adventure, what local-ish gem are you going to?
Barnet Marine Park at the bottom of SFU hill. BBQ or picnic they are both excellent choices.

Do you have opinions on the great Apple vs PC debate?
I prefer Apple because of its OS. It’s just very pleasant to work on Mac OS when it’s design or coding.

Okay, what’s your hobby outside of the internet and computers?
Binge watching TV shows.

What’s your favourite website for that hobby?
There are a lot but I won’t share any 🙂

Do you do the YouTube? What’s your favourite channel?
Yeah but there are many channels I like.. no favourite though.

Would you buy a ticket to colonize Mars?
Probably not. There are plenty of places here I haven’t been to.

Bonus Question: What Vancouver landmarks do you find most inspiring?
Canada Place.

story written by William Li