Today is World Password Day

Did you know that May 3rd is World Password Day? This day came along to remind us and spread awareness that taking care of your passwords is vital to protecting yourself against information and identity thieves.

At SplitMango we take security very seriously and you should too. Let’s celebrate this day by taking a few simple steps to secure your information by following these recommendations.

How to create a strong password:

  • Avoid using familiar words, don’t use names, dates, anniversaries or pet names.
  • Make sure it has at least 12 characters. An eight-character password can be cracked in less than two hours, but if it consists of 14 characters, the time required to crack it increases to millions of years.
  • Be sure you include numbers, symbols and both upper & lower case letters.
  • Give each account you have its own unique password and use a password manager to keep you sane. 1password is a great option.
  • Use 2-factor authentication when it’s offered. That way, if your password is compromised, your account won’t necessarily be.
  • Don’t share it. Never text or email your passwords.

How secure are your passwords?

Today is a good day to go through your passwords and make them stronger and create something no hacker will ever be able to guess. When you’re done, take the time to tell your family and friends to protect themselves too!

story written by Esperanza Garcia