Moving from Magento to Shopify Plus

Make the move from Magento to Shopify Plus

Choosing an ecommerce platform not only affects the success of your online business, it can also impact your sanity. What do you do when your site keeps crashing? Or if your ecommerce support staff don’t reply to your emails? Or if you’re constantly annoyed by the complexity of the backend product environment? Ex-Magento users know the answers to all of these annoying questions. You switch! It’s that easy.

Dissatisfied Magento 1.x users have been switching to Shopify, a reliable ecommerce platform with a dedicated support team at your service. Shopify’s platform is simple and easy to navigate in the backend, with an equally comfortable experience for your customers.

Our past experiences with Magento

A few months ago we were approached by a client that was dissatisfied with their Magento store. On top of a long list of issues they were experiencing it was hard for them to find developers who were well versed in the backend. Not only was it difficult for their own staff to manage the backend of the store, their customers were having an equally tough time ordering products from the site.

Our suggestion: Switch to Shopify. They’re easy to use, they have 24/7 human support and there are no hidden fees.

Hear what some Ex-Magento customers have to say.

Why switch now?

Magento 1.x is coming to an end in Fall 2018 and customers will be forced to upgrade to 2.x. Magento 1.x customers will no longer receive support, patches or upgrades after Fall 2018.

With this in mind, Shopify Plus has an especially alluring promotion for you. Here are the details:

  • When you switch from Magento to Shopify Plus, you’ll receive 6 months of platform fee for free on a 2 year contract
  • Shopify will help with your migration for free on standard data migrations
  • Offer lasts until June 30th

So go ahead and treat yourself to an easy switch with no more headaches. Check out their pricing today!

story written by Jacqui Janzen