Timeless Blogs for Web Design Inspiration

We often need a bit of inspiration / research to get us started on the next big idea for our clients or portfolio. There are thousands of blogs out there to sift through so we’ve round up a top 5 list for you to share and enjoy.

  1. Awwwards

    A creative space to acknowledges stellar designers, developers and agencies around the world. You’ll discover websites with the latest interactive designs that are visually engaging. Websites showcased often experiment with new design principles in both UI and UX and are always pushing the envelope to take the website to the next level.

  2. Site Inspire

    A collection of websites tailored for a business / corporate purpose. Designs from Site Inspire are perfect inspirations for agency website redesigns, or for business clients. The showcased samples are more traditional while experimenting with a few key UX and UI trends.

  3. SiteSee

    Perfect for portfolio, agency websites and branding website inspiration. Websites featured here follow a minimalistic approach paired with an eye for aesthetics. ¬†It’s less interactive than Awwwards and SiteInspire but it serves as a great foundation for those interested in simplistic designs.

  4. Best Website Gallery (BWG)

    For those who have a head start and knows what they’re looking for BWG is a great resource with a robust filtering system. You can sort by tags or colour scheme which might be a good option for those who have a particular colour palette in mind. It features website with modern and minimalistic designs, perfect for 2017.

  5. CSS Nectar

    A collection of websites with winners pooling over 10,000 views each. Definitely an “all eyes on you” kind of moment with these website¬†champions. CSS Nectar also has the ability to filter by features, colours and industry which may benefit designers or agencies.
    css nectar

story written by Grace Hui