Top 5 Restaurants for Company Christmas Parties

Christmas is serious business and companies need to get a head start with reservations in late October to organize a dinner.  In Vancouver, even brunch is a big deal with up to one hour waits so you can imagine how early venues get reserved for company lunch / dinners.

Top 5 Christmas Dinner venues / restaurants based on company size

2-10 Employees: AnnaLena

AnnaLena: Located in Kitsilano, a small and cozy restaurant for small companies. They only offer dinner service at this time and offers delicate and beautiful plates. See their stunning menu items below.  Advance reservations are highly recommended for this restaurant.

Price per person: $20-$30

AnnaLena Instagram

11-25 employees: Nuba and Joeys

Nuba: Lebanese Cuisine with locations in Kitsilano, Gastown, Yaletown and Mount Pleasant. They have menus for vegetarians, so it’s one of the best restaurants to pick from without worrying about dietary restrictions.

Price per person is $15- 30.

Company Christmas Dinner Ideas in Vancouver

Joeys: Many Joeys offer private dining for large parties. With a larger menu, it’s almost guaranteed everyone will find something they will enjoy. Our favourite is the Blackened Cajun Chicken or any of their salads with a side of protein.

Price per person: $20-$30

Company Christmas Dinner Ideas in Vancouver

26 – 50 employees: Pier 7 Restaurant and Bar

Pier 7 Restaurant and Bar: Located in North Vancouver with a stunning harbour view, is Pier 7. They offer private dining paired with west coast cuisine options. Their food is excellent paired with superb service.  If you are looking for an option but seems like all restaurants are reserved? This could be the next hidden gem in Vancouver.

Price per person: $25-$35

Company Christmas Dinner in Vancouver

51 – 80 employees: The Sandbar and Comedy Mix

The Sandbar:   Offering West Coast cuisine in Granville island. I would recommend calling ahead of time to make reservations to ensure they can accomdate your number of guests. Parking can be a bit of a pain however you can easily find free parking approximately 3 blocks down from Granville Island.

Price per person: $30-$40

Vancouver Company Christmas Party

The Comedy Mix: A venue that offers improv shows and food! This is definitely not on the radar for most but it can also double up as a social event as well.

Price per person: $20-$30

81 + employees

If you have 81+ employees, finding a restaurant is going to be tough. You will most likely have to rent out a venue /restaurant and offer catering at this point.


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story written by Grace Hui