Learn To Code: Web Development Tools For Different Types of Learners

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In our last Learn To Code post we talked about how to get your coding toolkit started. We suggested a few code editors and browsers, so you could get started writing code the right way.

Now that you are ready to write some code and begin your journey to becoming a coder, you need to learn the skills. Now, there are a few different ways to do this. You can sign up for a program, get certification and go the traditional route. Or you can take the self directed route of teaching yourself.

Neither of these options is better than the other. Either way, your progression will boil down to your commitment to learning. Doing that means going above and beyond and becoming a pro.

I highly recommend the following resources depending on your learning style.

If You Learn By Reading

If you’re the type of person that learns the best in a quiet room slowly absorb information at your own pace, a book on HTML, CSS or Javascript is the way to go.

I can highly recommend the following books and blogs:

Remember reading alone will only give you theoretical knowledge. Bring your computer along to practice the examples you learn.

If You Learn By Watching

Treehouse is a fantastic video based learning academy. They offer videos starting with the basics of HTML and CSS and help students continue to build their skills all the way into advanced JavaScript and server side languages like PHP and Ruby.

They challenge their students to perform challenges and quizzes after a few videos to make sure they are retaining what they are learning. The main challenge you will have to overcome when learning with Treehouse is to stay engaged. It’s easy to passively watch videos instead of learning the materials. I recommend trying to build something new with your skills after you finish each session.

If You Learn By Doing

CodeSchool and Codecademy are both great sites to help you get you feet wet with writing code. Unlike resources like Treehouse and and O’Rielly’s collection of books, these force you to perform. You will likely be frustrated at times, but that’s okay. If you can remain calm and complete the challenges you are unlikely to forget what you learned.

Remember, Things Aren’t Black & White.

Once you’ve found a place to start, don’t limit yourself by committing only to that resource. Almost no one learns exclusively from one learning style. If you feel yourself getting bored or frustrated, try looking into the resources from one of the other learning styles.

Learn by any means possible and you will be a great coder in no time, regardless of how you choose to learn.

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story written by Airrick Dunfield