Project Comet Launches, Adobe Experience Design CC v. 0.5

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UX Design is one of the most in need jobs positions throughout the tech industry. As a designer position that is growing in importance every year, it’s equally as important that the tools which help create beautifully functional designs grow with them. That’s where Adobe Comet, now known as Experience Design CC fits in.

Adobe officially launched Experience Design CC (Preview) v. 0.5 on Monday March 14th and it’s available in preview if you have an existing Adobe account.

What Does Experience Design CC Do and Who is it For?

The new program was created to help user experience designers create multiple artboards for a variety of projects from mobile to desktop. There are also integrated UI kit packages that allow you to select a group of files for Material Design from Google, iOS, or Windows to help speed up your workflow.

Some of the tools you have access to in Experience Design CC today include: Power Prototyping and Testing Tools

  • Draw Vectors:
    Draw a variety of vector icons and artwork with pen and shape tools.
  • Add stylized text:
    Add and customize text colours, location and size.
  • Refine your designs:
    Group, lock, align, and distribute elements for quick layout creation.
  • Multi-screen artboards:
    Create multiple artboards with a variety of useful presets.
  • Design for specific devices:
    Use high quality interface elements and icons for popular UI’s.
  • Repeat Grid:
    Create multiple duplicates of an item vertically or horizontally as many times as you need.
  • Export production-ready artwork:
    Export PNG or SVG files for iOS, Android, and Desktop/Laptop.
  • Photoshop and Illustrator integration:
    Easily move Photoshop or Illustrator CC assets into your design.
  • Preview, record and share:
    Create video’s showing movement through the prototype for clients.
  • Interactive prototypes:
    Incorporate animations, interactions, and gestures to test user experience.
  • Manage your prototypes online:
    Easily manage and create prototypes with your Creative Cloud account.

Powerful Prototyping and Testing Tools

Experience Design has a lot of great tools that can help with creating prototypes. As sketch users for a variety of our own projects we are excited to see how the developments in both Experience Design CC and Sketch will push these tools to be even more helpful in our day to day tasks.

Adobe’s Experience Design shows how powerful prototyping tools can be with it’s ability to duplicate and adjust multiple areas on artboards easily, while still having control over the finer details every designer must spend time perfecting.

If you’re interested in trying Adobe Experience Design you can download it from the Adobe website. If you would also like to provide feedback on the product and discuss with other curious people you can join the community as well.

story written by Sam Jeanes