Valentine’s Day Date Ideas 2016, Things To Do In Vancouver

The definitive date night of the year is Sunday February 14th 2016, and this Valentine’s day in Vancouver could be the best of your life. There are so many great things to do and experience with a person you love… or just like, whichever fits for now. We’ve got some of the best Valentine’s day date ideas for Vancouverites all in one place. Time is almost up to secure a spot at some of these locations so let’s jump right in.

Nothing Says I Love You Like Food

There are plenty of great restaurants around Vancouver, but many of the well known ones will already be booked. Try finding a restaurant with a little more privacy that can allow for a more personal dinner, hopefully with lower sound levels so you can actually hear each other too. Some options you may want to try are:

There are many other options available, and you may want to try restaurants outside the main dinning areas of the city if everything is filled up.

There’s Something Attractive About Funny

Girl with sunglasses

Laughing is a great way to reduce stress, create great memories and inside jokes with the people you care about. With that in mind here are a couple activities and events to make you laugh.

Create Unforgettable Memories With Outdoor Activities

Vancouver west end at sunset with northshore mountains in the background

People who live in Vancouver enjoy the outdoors, it’s almost mandatory really. Whether it’s taking in the beautiful backdrops of the mountains falling into the ocean, or hiking up to see the city from above, we all have a love for nature. Here are a few great activities that allow you to share Valentine’s day in the outdoors and make great memories with your date.

Spend Valentine’s day with the people you care about

Whatever your plans are big or small spend time with the people you care about, call your family if you’re far away, and enjoy doing something nice for someone. We hope you have a great Valentine’s day with your valentine!

story written by Sam Jeanes