Free SSL Certificate for Ecommerce Stores with Shopify

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Shopify is now offering free SSL certificates for businesses who use their ecommerce platform. The goal is to help keep information secure, but also to increase conversions for stores by making potential customers feel safe when making a purchase. All website traffic will be redirected to the HTTPS web address with 256-bit encryption. This will create a secure connection between the browser and the web server that are transferring information to one and other.

What Does HTTPS Do?

Unencrypted HTTP based data transfers are left open to 3rd party interception, but with HTTPS your data is encrypted, and thus far more secure. This type of encryption called 256-bit is used by large businesses around the world to protect your information.

Every store will receive an SSL certificate from Shopify at no cost, and some users even recently requested this HTTPS update to happen. This could save you hundreds of dollars each year compared to Shopify’s ecommerce competition. In addition Google values websites with SSL certificates more highly, which can even help with your search engine optimization.

“If you are a small to medium sized business there is no need to buy an ssl certificate!

Free protection, better SEO, and improved conversion all bundled into one SSL update from Shopify. Just another reason the Canadian ecommerce platform is growing successfully. Shopify also intends to join Google, Mozilla, and Facebook in sponsoring Let’s Encrypt whose goal is to have HTTPS security standards across the entire web.

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story written by Sam Jeanes