How To Get The Most Out Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

4.5 Minute Read.

We are all excited for Star Wars.

We grew up on the original series.

We’ve sat through re-release after re-release and a new trilogy that most fans would rather forget.

Like the Jedi, we were forgotten, living in the shadows waiting for the return of our once great order.

This weekend we will awake, after months of teasers and trailers followed by broomsticks swung with sound effects. It’s finally happening.

If any of that sounds a little intense, that’s okay. We will be the Jedi Council that guides you through having a great experience at the movies.

Before reading on, I will need you decide where you fall on the fandom spectrum.


The easy way to decide where you stand is asking yourself:

Is Star Wars: The Force Awaken a movie or an event?


Answer #1: Obi-Mango, for me, it is just a movie:

If you’re into this movie, but it’s not a huge part of what got you excited for this holiday season, this guide is for you. We want to make sure you get the most out this movie with the least amount of hassle.

Us Star Wars fans are a lively bunch, chances are we will be clapping and shouting when the credits start and gasping at moments that might not make sense to you. Also, we will be there before you are. So if you are looking to get 4 seats in a row with your family, you might be out of luck even hours before show time.

How you can have great time at Stars Wars: The Force Awakens:

  1. Don’t go opening night. It will be nuts. Fans will be loud and parking will be a nightmare. The intensity will have died down a little if you wait a few days.
  2. Pre-book your tickets. Many AVX theatres will allow you to book your seats a few days (or longer) before the date you’d like to go.
  3. Watch all the trailers. It’s fun to get excited about the film
  4. Try a small theater. If you can’t pre-book your seats, try a smaller theater and come early.
  5. Arrive early. Even after the initial premiere the theater will likely be packed.
  6. Inform Yourself. If you need a quick recap on what’s going, this six minute video will cover the basics.
  7. Keep your friends close. Go with a group of friends, it will be fun to experience the fandom together.
  8. Be respectful online. Don’t post about the movie online for at least a few weeks, some people have been looking forward to this for a long time.



Answer #2: Obi-Mango, I’ve been in costumes for weeks.

Chances are you know exactly what you are doing for the premiere. Let’s use that excitement to make this premiere a fantastic and memorable experience. In this guide we are going to assume you have tickets already are going in the first week.

How you can have great time at Stars Wars: The Force Awakens:

  1. Log out of social media. If you don’t want to be spoiled, lied to or generally oversaturated by the hype, it’s in your best interest to give the Internet a rest for a few days. You can’t unsee a spoiler.
  2. Party! Start a text message thread with your friends and organize a premiere party. Get really into it, encourage costumes. Remember you get one shot at this, make it fun.
  3. Arrive early. This will make finding your seat stress free and may give you sometime to chat with other fans. Think of the premiere as a mini Star Wars convention.
  4. Host a movie marathon. Grab some drinks and some friends and watch the previous films. Having a movie marathon is a great way to refresh your knowledge and educate friends and family new to the force.
  5. Attend events around the premier. If geeks and nerds do one thing really well, its events around our fandoms. Many bars, attractions and events will happening the weeks around the event, it will be great time to check a few out.
  6. Relax, this is fun remember? We take our fandoms really seriously, but they are fandoms because of the joy they bring us. Don’t let the anxiety of the premiere get you down or ruin the experience.
  7. Don’t drink before the premiere. Having a few drinks with friends in your costume before your midnight showing might sound great, but you will regret it if you miss the show or don’t remember it.
  8. Be respectful and don’t post about the movie online for at least a few weeks. Some people have been looking forward to this for a long time and weren’t able to get opening night tickets. They may not be your biggest fan if you spoil the movie for them.

Regardless if you’re a newbie or superfan, remember this is going to be a lot of fun! Get excited, make an event out of it and have fun with your loved ones this holiday season.

May the force be with you.

story written by Airrick Dunfield