Halloween Events in Vancouver 2015

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Halloween is finally on a weekend again so it’s time to get dressed up and celebrate with your friends. We have a list of some cool events you won’t want to miss.

Looking to get scared?

So are we!

On Death’s Door: Plague of the Zombie Syndrome – Oct 7 – Nov 1 @ Secret Vancouver Location
“The Virtual Stage presents an all-new, immersive and spine-tingling theatrical adventure.“ Get involved in this inventive and interactive show. There are various times for this show so make sure to check out their website for more details.

Fright Nights at Playland – Oct 9 – Nov 1, 2015
If you like scary haunted houses and long lines then we have the place for you. How scary is it? Well that’s up to you to decide but I know two people who’ve punched out carnies on separate occasions due to the fear factor. Tickets are on sale at FrightNights.ca.

Forbidden Vancouver – Ongoing
Spooky walking tour? Yes, please! Enjoy a tour around Gastown with stories that have haunted Vancouver’s history. There are plenty of tours to embark on including: ‘The Lost Souls of Gastown’, ‘Prohibition City’, ‘Who Killed Kraft Bier?’, and ‘Secrets of the Penthouse’.

Just Need to Dance?

Get dressed up and hit some of these clubs:

Halloween Dance Parties Club Style – Various Vancouver Locations
If you’re a club lover, you’ll definitely want to check out all the Halloween parties going on at literally every club in the city. Don’t want to settle on one location? Head to Granville Street’s club district and you’ll have your pick of numerous Halloween parties. Need me to be more specific? You can either check out clubzone.com or check out this short list of parties you might find interesting:

Need Family Friendly Entertainment?

Looking for an experience that the whole family can participate in? Try one of these:

Vancouver Halloween Parade & Expo – Oct 15 – 18, 2015
An all ages experience not focusing on the blood and gore that Halloween usually encompasses. Along with dancers, artists, artisans and performers, you’ll see superheroes, aliens, robots and other fun, safe and family friendly Halloween characters.

Halloween Ghost Train in Stanley Park – Oct 9 – Nov 1, 2015
Each year Stanley Park puts on the Halloween Ghost Train. Get ready for a fun ride through the spooky park and don’t forget to bring the kids! They’ll love it.

Want a Haunted Experience Outside of the City?

Try some of these:


Reaper’s Maze of Terror – Opens Oct. 2
All of your nightmares come true at this haunted experience in Chilliwack. Not recommended for small children.


Haunted Village – Oct. 28 – 30 (6-9pm)
Family fun at the Village, the Farmhouse and the carousel with spooky decorations.
Gravecouver Haunted House (http://gravecouver.ca/) – Oct 15 – Oct 31, 2015
Located inside Metrotown, this Haunted House claims to be a spooky experience. Take a break between shopping and get a scare.

White Rock & Surrey:

Zombie Combat Zone – Ongoing
Would you rather run around and play with your friends at Halloween? Try to play paintball like a Zombie at Zombie Combat Zone.

Potter’s House of Horrors – Oct – Nov 1, 2015
Potter’s now has 2 full haunted houses now so double the scary! This is not for the faint at heart.

Need a Costume?

Don’t worry you still have time to buy or make a costume. Here’s a few costume suppliers we recommend:

Address: 152 E 2 St, North Vancouver, BC V7L 1C3
Phone: (604) 986-4880

Spirit Halloween
Address: 551-557 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1E6
Phone: (604) 876-0054

The Party Bazaar
Address: 1296 Station St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2X3
Phone: (604) 873-5241

Want to Snuggle on a Coach Instead?

Totally acceptable!

Sick of all those old scary movies and want something new to watch? Our suggestion is without a doubt the new tv show Scream Queens. It’s a beautiful mix of everything you love about Scream and Mean Girls.

story written by Jacqui Janzen