SplitMango Web Development Project: Vertical Suits

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Vertical Suits is a custom Skydiving suit builder located in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia. With clients all over the world from Canada to Dubai their online store is constantly active.

Goals & Functionality

  • Provide a user-friendly, positive e-commerce environment that encourages online sales
  • Create a responsive, dynamic Shopify theme
  • Convey a modern and updated feel for the website
  • Custom Responsive Web Development
  • App Upgrade
  • Shopify Theme Development & Integration
Vertical Suits Website on Macbook

Shopify Integration

Wanting an upgrade for their site, Vertical Suits contacted SplitMango. The main problem customers and employees were facing with the older website was the confusing and complicated order process. Previous to the upgrade, customers needed to print and fill out PDFs before faxing them back to be processed by staff. It was a laborious process that Vertical Suits wanted to change immediately. We chose to move their products to Shopify as this was the perfect fit for the needs of their company. With Shopify, the e-commerce process is easy and user friendly, which made it a much more positive experience for both customers and staff.

App Upgrade

Vertical Suits had previously built an suit builder app for their old site. While they loved the idea of this app, its functionality needed to change. We decided to adjust the code system the app was built with to talk directly to Shopify. Now that the system is integrated with Shopify, Vertical Suits is able to collect the correct information for each custom made suit within the quick e-commerce experience. We knew this upgrade would change the way Vertical Suits did business and we were happy to help make their e-commerce exchanges stress-free.

Vertical Suits App

Words from Vertical Suits

We have a unique product that is very technical and highly customized to each client. SplitMango was able to build our website on very specific requirements and help us connect all the dots together. We now have a great system that enabled us to speed up procession and increase our sales.

We enjoyed our experience with SplitMango. The team is very friendly and professional, and they are really responsive to constructive feedback.

I would recommend them to anyone needing a great online solution.

– Sandra Dussault (Vertical Suits)

Shopify Signup


story written by Jacqui Janzen