Your vote will change the 2015 Canadian Federal Election

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Vote Canada!

October 19, 2015 is a big day for Canada. Millions of Canadians will line up at voting stations across the nation to choose the representative they want in government. This year in particular has become a bigger deal than others before it. It’s hard to imagine Canadian politics without the smear campaigns, frantic debates and scrutiny towards youth for their lack of voter turnout. But amidst the chaos and petty issues there are glimmers of hope. Hope for a new Canada and hope for the old Canada that we once knew.

Impact of Voting

You may not think that your vote matters but, oh baby, does it ever. Currently, the race is tight with Conservatives (Blue) in the lead, followed by the Liberals (Red), the NDP (Orange) and then the Green Party (Green). While the numbers below will fluctuate, it’s up to you to turn up and vote or your party might not gain as many seats as they need to move into power. Youth are among the least likely to vote but let’s prove them wrong! This time, take your friends and make the decision together to vote and make a difference.

The Issues

With a ton of promises going around from one politician to the next it’s easy to get confused about who stands for what. The list of topics being discussed is long but there are some great websites out there to help us navigate through them.
Huffington Post
The Guardian

How to Vote

Voting is super easy but here’s some steps for those who have never done it before or are not sure they feel like doing it this year. Here’s a helpful video on what happens when you vote.

Register. Make sure you’re registered to vote. This is KEY! There have been rumors flying around that some people are no longer registered to vote even though they’ve voted in previous elections. Whether or not this is some big conspiracy it’s good to check your registration status. Head to the Online Voter Registration Service website and follow the steps they provide.

Voter Registration Card and ID. If you have already registered to vote you should have received your Voter Registration Card in the mail. If you didn’t receive this it may mean that you need to follow step number 1 to find out if you’re registered or make sure you have the correct ID with you when you go to vote. is a great resource to help you find out exactly what you’ll need on the day of.

Voting Location. Each registered voter has a designated location where they can vote. This will be indicated on your Voter Registration Card and online. Haha

Who to Vote For. There is an easy way to find out which candidates exist in your electoral district. Head to this website and type in your postal code to display a list of candidates in your area. Remember that these are the people that will be affecting local change in your neighbourhood, not the big wigs in Ottawa.

When to Vote. If you can’t physically vote on October 19 it’s okay because there are other options for you. You can vote in advance on October 9, 10, 11 & 12 from noon – 8pm at select locations. Your Voter Registration Card will tell you where you are able to vote on these days or you can visit this website to find out quickly online. Mailing in your vote is another option for those of you who aren’t in the country. Also, voting straight at Elections Canada stations can be done at various times until October 13.

FAQs. Have more questions about voting and October 19? Here’s some more information online to help you out.

Still confused? Try out the CBC Vote Compass. It may help you place your political views in line with the parties running.

Throw a Voting Party

Want all of your friends and family to vote? Well everyone likes a good party so why not throw a super exclusive voters only election party? What a great incentive for your friends to vote and then hang out after. Remember to bring your voting sticker or you won’t get in!

Still not sure who to vote for? The Maclean’s National Leader Debate is available online for you to watch at any point and learn more about how each party plans to tackle some of Canada’s controversial topics. Here’s the video for your enjoyment.

story written by Jacqui Janzen