5 Brazilian Designers Who’s Creativity Will Inspire You

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What first comes to your mind when you think of Brazil? Most people would say soccer, Carnival and carefree people. But I can tell you, there is so much more! I recently travelled to Rio de Janeiro to attend a Capoeira Festival and I was amazed by what this country has to offer.

Brazil is unique for many reasons. It’s well known for its joyful and friendly people, beautiful music, and picturesque nature scenes. It’s a vibrant place bursting with energy. Such an enthusiastic and encouraging atmosphere allows a tremendous boost of inspiration. It’s no wonder why it’s getting famous for producing some of the most creative people in the world. Even with its political and educational issues, Brazilians seems to have the natural gift of creativity.

Let me introduce you some of the local talent:

Elaine Ramos
Design Director at Cosac Naify, the main publishing house in Brazil dedicated to visual arts, where she has designed hundreds of books and coordinates the design team.

Elaine Ramos Product


Fabio Sasso
Designer from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Currently working for Google. Also the founder of Abduzeedo, a very famous design blog for those who want to look for inspiration.

Fabio Sasso


Leo Natsume
Talented designer, illustrator, UX designer and animator from Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Leo Natsume Project

Cako Martin
Visual artist based in São Paulo. He opened his design studio in 2012, dividing the activities into graphic design, commercial illustration and fine art.

Cako Martin Design


Rafael Mantesso
A food editor that creates playful illustrations around the everyday activities of his lovely bull terrier.

Rafael Mantesso Dog


We are living in a global era and digital creative talent is thriving all over the world. Brazilian creatives are not only keeping pace but becoming leaders in the art and design industry. Keep your eyes peeled for some amazing designs this next year.

story written by Esperanza Garcia