Vancouver Fringe Festival 2015, Theatre Events in the City

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It’s that time of the year again, the leaves are littering the streets and the rain lightly misting the air, which means the Vancouver Fringe Festival is just around the corner. From September 10 – 20 the festival will boast over 800 performances by 91 artists. This marks the 30th anniversary of the Fringe in Vancouver which started back in 1985.

Vancouver Fringe Poster


How To Do The Fringe

So you’ve been walking around Commercial Drive and all over Granville Island and you can’t help but notice all the crazy colourful posters for theatre shows plastered around the city. It’s starting to give you anxiety because they all look really cool but which one do you go to? There are so many, right?

1. Get a Fringe Festival Guide

Firstly, grab a paper bag and sit down on the nearest bench. I’ll hold you hand as you catch your breath. Secondly, let’s walk over to the closest Blenz and grab a free Fringe Festival Guide. Each show is listed with a brief description and image so you can get all the information you need from there.

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2. Picking a Show

Okay so here comes the hard part. With 91 shows to choose from, which ones do you see? Well, you don’t have to see only one but we understand the pressure you’re under. Let’s start narrowing it down. The shows are arranged by venue so if you are looking for a show near a particular area it will be super easy to find. Once you’ve found your venue, you can easily flip through the shows that will be taking place there. There are tons of options for you to experience from funny to intense, and in your face to family friendly. There are Main Stage shows as well as Bring Your Own Venue shows. But no matter what mood you’re in, the Fringe always has something from everyone.

If you don’t have a physical Festival Guide, you can find it right online. The Festival will also have their App up and ready to go closer to the start of the shows so you can easy find information right on your phone.


3. Tickets

Cost – Every show is $14!

Where can I purchase tickets? – You can buy your tickets online or at the door if tickets are still available.

Membership Fee – The Fringe is a non-profit organization and to make sure that they are able to keep up the costs of running the festival each year they charge a one time yearly $5 Fringe fee. You can pay this online with your ticket purchase or at the door when you attend a show. Make sure not to lose this pass for the remainder of the Festival though as you’ll have to pay for another one if you don’t bring your original to the next show.


4. Know the City – Get A Map

There are shows all over the city and if you’re not familiar with where each venue is located you’ll want a handy dandy map. Luckily, there is one right in the Festival Guide so take a look that and you should become acquainted with locations fairly quickly.

5. Getting There

Now the big decision about how to get there. Granville Island is a fantastic place with some free parking spots if you’re lucky, but during Fringe it can definitely be a pain to park. If you can plan to arrive via other modes of transportation you might find it easier. Luckily, the Fringe even has this already planned out for you in the Festival Guide. Take a look and decide what the best option might be.

Getting to the Fringe

6. Be On Time

Don’t be a Late Larry, cause you won’t get in. There is a no late comers policy when it comes to the Festival. Each show starts on time and if you’re late, then you’re out of luck. So make sure you arrive early and get a good seat.
Well that about does it. You should now be set to attend the Vancouver Fringe Festival this year so no excuses. Go see some fantastic theatre because this only comes around once a year.

Happy Fringe!

story written by Jacqui Janzen