SplitMango Web Design Project: Roundhouse Forest Products

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Roundhouse Forest Products is a specialty Forest Products Company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Placing an emphasis on performance, quality and integrity Roundhouse is a reliable source for premier forest products both domestically and internationally. The primary source of Roundhouse products is the Queen Charlotte Islands and Northern Vancouver Island both located off the coast of British Columbia.

Goals & Functionality

  • A modern looking website that doesn’t follow the same patterns of older web design that many other forest product companies use
  • The website should serve as an online business card
  • Convey a modern, innovative and dynamic look and feel for the website
  • Photo centric and contemporary look showcasing product offerings with simple, informative content
  • Users should be able to contact Roundhouse easily
  • Create two websites with the same look and feel: One for Roundhouse and the other for their sister company O’Brien & Fuerst Logging Limited.
  • Custom Responsive Web Design
  • UX (User Experience) Design
  • WordPress Integration
  • Multisite
  • Future Friendly Web Technologies
  • Branding (Logo)


Roundhouse wanted to differentiate themselves from other forest product companies with a modern contemporary website. During our conceptual design phase we discussed how to do this effectively. Strong use of new design techniques and imagery would create the up-to-date feel that Roundhouse was looking for. Roundhouse also needed a logo to match the design of their new website. To stay on point with their brand, we wanted to make sure their product was evident as soon as you look at their logo.


Our designs bring each project’s concept to life. We integrated high quality, full-width photographs along with simple content to create a fresh and clean look. Using image panels with overlay content allowed us to stay true to Roundhouse’s want for easy to navigate content. For the logo, the use of tree rings not only effectively shows what Roundhouse does, it stays true to the modern feel of the website.

Development & Creation

We design for a responsive and future-friendly web environment, making sure that anyone can access and view our websites no matter what device they are using. We created this site using WordPress as the CMS (Content Management System) which allowed us to use the functionality of Multisite. By using Multisite we were able to creating two similar but separate websites that function off of the same template. Another main goal was to make sure users could contact Roundhouse easily about inquiries so we implemented Google Maps and a general contact form on their contact page. Roundhouse Forest Products now has a modern and contemporary website that differentiates them from their competition.

RFP Responsive Display

story written by Jacqui Janzen