4 Summer Blockbusters You Should See

Listed in no particular order, here are four summer blockbusters we think you should see.

Jurassic World

Chris Pratt is a Huge Hunk of Hunk!

Jokes aside, this movie rules in all the ways a summer blockbuster should. It doesn’t ask much from it’s audience, but it delivers heaps of adventure. The plot is great balance between a nod to John Hammond’s Dino world of the nineties and what 2015 could bring to that experience.

The AV is great and it’s one you’ll want to see in AVX to get the best experience.

So check your brain at the door and prepare yourself for a real classic summer blockbuster for the 2015 world.

“Watch your six! Raptors got a new alpha!”

– Airrick Dunfield

Mad Max: Fury Road

The movie that will determine your future love life.
Disclaimer: Not for children.

If your date doesn’t like this movie as much as you do, move on immediately. If you don’t like this movie as much as your date does, fake it unless you never want to see them again. George Miller has redeemed his previous Mad Max series with this amazing thriller that will grab your attention and never let it go. Feminism, power, non-stop action, serious faces, crazy faces and unlimited petrol will leave your mind spinning and driving home as fast as you can.

Warning: Once you listen to the sound track in your car, you’ll never want anything else to play.

– Jacqui Janzen

Inside Out

Brilliant, funny, smart and very emotional, yes I admit there were tears in my eyes. This movie is more complex than I thought and I’d recommended it for older children starting their teen years. It also contains some adult humor, so everyone will enjoy it. Emotions are turned into colorful hilarious characters and you have to love Sadness!

It shows beautifully that the most important thing is not just being happy but balancing and facing all of our emotions. Pixar is yet again delivering a meaningful movie that touches our hearts.

– Esperanza Garcia


There are some mixed reviews in the office about this one. Personally, I would say it’s one of the best spy spoof movies I’ve seen since Spy Hard. Again, this opinion is not widely shared around SplitMango. Rose Byrne played Rayna Boyanov, definitely my favourite character, who delivering some of the funniest, unexpected lines in this movie. Melissa McCarthy was great as Agent Susan Cooper and while the movie progressed she stepped out of her usual role as the dumpy, funny friend and really made it her own.

I found this movie thoroughly enjoyable and would definitely recommend it for a good laugh.

– Jacqui Janzen

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story written by Jacqui Janzen