You can change lives with Cycling BC

SplitMango has had the privilege of sponsoring Cycling BC’s iRide School Program for the past year now. By sponsoring this program we’ve been able to help Cycling BC put funds towards more bikes, helmets and instructors for this free program offered to students around BC.

How it works
Each session is tailored to the needs of the students involved. It’s a four-day program that allows students to refine their biking skills and build confidence quickly. iRide provides bikes, helmets, stunts and games to help facilitate an exciting atmosphere that will inspire students to continue riding and incorporate it into their daily lives.

How iRide is changing lives
We’ve received tons of letters from elementary school students about their experiences with the iRide program. Along with the usual, “My favourite part was going downhill super fast. It was so much fun!”, we’ve had kids tell us over and over about how terrific the biking instructors were. The instructors made biking fun with games and prices. Our favourite story has to be about a boy who was so excited by his experience with the iRide program that he asked his family to surprise their mom for Mother’s Day with a bike and a bike outing. She was near tears when she told the principal about the sweet gesture. Wow!

We’ve also heard stories from teachers who were very appreciative of the program. They had been shocked to find out that many of their students did not own bikes and a few didn’t even know how to ride them. Since iRide supplies bikes and helmets, that meant that no child was left out. By the end of the program even the least skilled riders were able to ride confidently and have fun doing it.

Why we got involved

Donations to programs like iRide really make a difference for children and their families. That’s why we got involved. Making sure that we’re supporting our community in more than just business is an important mandate at SplitMango. We love giving children a reason to enjoy riding bikes and being outdoors and we hope you’ll do that same.

How you can get involved
If you’re interested in being a sponsor with Cycling BC, you can find out more about their program through their website.

story written by Jacqui Janzen