Meet the Mangos – A Chat with Airrick

What better way to spend a sunny day then to chat with one of our Interactive Web Developers, so here we go!



SplitMango: Oh hi there Airrick. So just to start off our interview, what’s your name?

Airrick: David. Just kidding it’s Airrick.

SplitMango: What’s your background in design & development?

Airrick: I am huge nerd for both. I spend most of time in code, but that love started with design. Working both traditional and freelance before my formal education, I designed strong websites with usability in mind.

During my education at BCIT, I fell deeply in love with code. I loved turning designs into fast and functional websites.

SplitMango: What drew you to coding?

Airrick: Code is fascinating! It’s creative and rewarding.

Code excites me the same way that a good riddle or game does. There many ways to solve a problem. The magic is in choosing the best one!

It also has an amazing community surrounding it here in Vancouver.

SplitMango: It truly does! How long have you been working at SplitMango?

Airrick: I’ve been a proud mango since September 2014.

SplitMango: What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not coding?

Airrick: Food! Coffee! Music! It’s really hard to choose.

You can find me on the evenings and weekends eating burritos at Budgies and sipping espresso at Elysian. We live in a wonderful city with so much awesome for a young foodie to eat and drink.

SplitMango: If there was one thing you could change about the Internet what would it be?

Airrick: Honestly? Trolls.

I really disagree with the “I really hate someone else and I am going make sure they know it” attitude. Meninists, Racists, Jerks and the rest of the scum and villainy! Bullies are the worst. I am all for conversation and discussion, but being mean sucks.

But at least there are a of lot cute pugs online!

Cute Pug


SplitMango: Totally hear you. Pugs may be the best things out there. That and Chris Hadfield #obsessed.

Well, thanks for stopping by for a chat.

Airrick: My pleasure.

story written by Jacqui Janzen