Meet the Mangos – Chat with Adam

Today we’re going to sit down with our Project Manager to chat about management, apps and the Internet.

Adam - Project Manager


SplitMango: Oh hi Adam, you snuck up on me there. Okay, let’s start with the hard questions first. What’s your name?

Adam: Adam Hyde

SplitMango: What’s your background in design & development?

Adam: I’m a bit of a hi-tech veteran having been a video games producer in the late 90’s before transitioning to heading up the product strategy for an email outsourcing company long before the term “Cloud Services” became popular. The bottom line is that no matter what industry, I love leading projects that achieve specific business goals for customers.

I’m not a designer or a coder by trade. Having said that I did teach myself mobile App development a couple of years ago and I wrote an iPhone App called Safe Boating for RCMSAR who is the Search and Rescue Organization that I volunteer with. I’d consider myself a coding hobbyist.

SplitMango: Very cool! So you’ve moved from producer to project manager. What drew you to project management?

Adam: I’ve always been an organizer and a problem solver. Project management seemed to be a good fit for my skills.

SplitMango: How long have you been working at SplitMango?

Adam: 3 Months.

SplitMango: What’s your favourite thing to do when you’re not managing projects?

Adam: I love spending time with my 12 year old daughter. Pleasure boating and driving a really fast rescue jet boat in rough weather is also awesome. Soccer is another passion.

SplitMango: If there was one thing you could change about the Internet what would it be?

Adam: I’d start a second Internet that would require users to be registered and authenticated. The goal would be to eliminate spam, trolls and all the scams that make the Internet the wild west it is today.

SplitMango: TWO INTERNETS! I like it. Thanks for the chat.

Adam: My pleasure.

story written by Jacqui Janzen