WordPress in Vancouver – Adventures with Airrick #2

WordPress in Vancouver – An Energetic Week at SplitMango.

Another successful week at the Mango!

The office was alive this week. The team was busy taking on new projects and launching others. Pixels were perfected and designs were realized with projects being presented to clients.

On top of that there was a photographer helping us look our best!

Taher looking great!

WordPress – A Valuable Tool.

My work this week included customizing the WordPress dashboard. I planned out how clients would create and edit content with WordPress. This helps showcase WordPress’s value to client’s here in Vancouver. It’s an important tool! After all, our clients should love using their new website.

With a little work and user-centred design the dashboard can be quite intuitive. Adding features like custom post types really organize WordPress.

WordPress allows passionate people to create and change their own content. We take great care to make the process easy. The sites we develop become a tool that creates conversation.

Building this way encourages community – which is what websites are all about!

Websites used to be for looking up information. But now websites are for creating conversations between content creators and visitors.

Vancouver is the biggest small town I know. Our client’s here are really excited about WordPress. A platform that creates the same type of inviting environment as the city they live in.

In Vancouver, WordPress has a growing community of both enthusiastic developers and users. With WordPress being at version 4.0, the platform is set to have a bright future. Expect to see more exciting things from the platform soon!

If you’re unfamiliar WordPress this video will help get you up to speed.

story written by Airrick Dunfield