Variant images, responsive checkout and storefront languages – new features coming soon to Shopify

Being a Shopify partner, we receive early beta access to some of the great new features coming soon. Today I’m happy to announce that there will be 3 new features coming later this month and we’ve tested them out and so far very impressed.

Variant Images

Variant images is an easy way to display different images based on different variants. How does this work? Well, if you have multiple colours of your product and you’d like to display different images based on what is selected, well now you can! This new feature has been one of our top requests by all our clients and I will be happy to now say – “yep, can be done easily!”.

Responsive Checkout

We all design and develop responsive design but Shopify’s checkout has lacked this new trend requirement. The new checkout is a single page, mobile-first design that makes checkout simple and intuitive on any browser and form factor.

Theme Internationalization

Last but not least, you can now design and develop themes for any storefront language using the new theme translation engine. Internationalized themes make it easy to change your active storefront language at the click of a button. This too was one of our most requested feature.

Exciting new updates coming to Shopify, some requiring a quick 101 – so let us know if we can help.

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story written by David Miller