The 3 ‘U’s of Website Design: UX, UI & Usability

User-centered website design is, to put it simply, design with a focus on the user.

User Experience (UX)

User Experience is a broad term that refers to everything a customer, or ‘user’ interacts with. This could include your website and digital marketing and also the physical product or service you provide.

User Interface (UI)

User Interface often refers to the design of an element (such as a website) within the overall User Experience. The colours, controls, content, information architecture and layout are all part of the UI.


Usability is how well are your users are able to use the website. Consider your customers – their limitations and context – then define what they will need to do on the site (make a purchase, donate, find contact information).  Unsurprisingly, the best test of usability is to have a real user perform a typical user journey through the site.  We adjust the UI as needed to reduce friction and obstacles.

Good use of the ‘U’s for web design should result in:

  •     More effective investment in design and development services
  •     Effectively prioritized content
  •     An experience tailored to the context of the customer
  •     Ease of use and satisfaction for customers


story written by Elizabeth MacDonald