Is it Time to be Selling Online?

Have you considered selling online, but aren’t sure if it’s worth it?

There is tremendous opportunity in online sales, yet Canadian retailers as a group are not taking advantage. We lag behind our neighbours to the south – so much so that Canada Post is encouraging businesses to go online with its E-Commerce Innovation Awards & prizes.

In fact, despite stagnant sales figures for bricks and mortar stores in recent years, online retail continues to grow. With a projected increase in mobile device use for online sales, we can expect the trend to continue.

The verdict is clear – wherever and whenever people are online, they are shopping.

Luckily, e-commerce content management systems (CMSs) such as Shopify make it easy and cost-effective to enter the online marketplace.  This type of hosted solution dramatically reduces the risk by eliminating was at one time a prohibitive investment in custom e-commerce development.  Another good reason for Shopify’s explosive growth? It’s darn simple to use.

story written by Elizabeth MacDonald