5 Signs Your Website Needs Professional Help

Here are five signs your website is under performing:

  • Your website doesn’t exist.
    A successful business is one that customers can actually find. Where’s yours?
  • Your website is built in Flash.
    Talk about performance anxiety. Bad for mobile and search, Flash websites have no place in modern web development.
  • You have small edits to make, but you aren’t able to make even simple updates in-house.
    Modern content management systems have taken the sting out of, you guessed it, content management. You should have control over day-to-day content updates
  • Your customers are complaining.
    Your site is confusing or broken, clients can’t get what they need, and you’re spending too much handling unnecessary support calls. All signs you’re about to lose those customers.
  • Your mobile users are frustrated.
    Mobile and responsive technology has come a long way, and smartphone use has exploded. There’s a good chance your clients are looking for a better mobile experience.

This list isn’t exhaustive, and experiencing any of the above doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need an entirely new site (unless it’s Flash – if that’s the case, run, don’t walk). Nonetheless, if any of these trouble signs sound familiar, it’s time to schedule a conversation with your web agency.

A good agency will listen to your specific issues, give honest feedback, and provide one or more recommendations for how to make improvements. It might be a complete overhaul, or it might mean small adjustments that can make a big difference.

Choose an agency that will seek to understand both the business case and the technical best practices for the upgrades they recommend.

Above all, your web agency should be your partner in problem solving.

story written by Elizabeth MacDonald