A New Look and a New Focus for SplitMango

Like the new look?

Our website redesign is not simply a cosmetic refresh.  It also represents a streamlined set of core services.

This last year has been both busy and fruitful for SplitMango. Amongst other things, we saw an office relocation, the addition of several new faces to our team, and a strengthening of our industry partnerships.

Our model is evolving.

We’ve refocused on what we do best, which is empowering entrepreneurs through custom web development and design.

We’ve also been making a big push into the product development arena. Right now, we’re excited to be incubating a number of innovative businesses such as Spruik and Mrs. Registry.

While we still offer tangential services, such as SEO, social media, and digital marketing, we now provide these through our extended service network. Our primary focus remains on well designed, high performing websites that deliver measurable value to our clients.

We’d like to invite you to work with us.

Whether you are a first time entrepreneur, running your own agency, or hoping to take that next step with your online business, we can offer sound technical leadership and in-house, 100% local development.

story written by Elizabeth MacDonald