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Quality is king: How Canada is taking a stand against spam

We’ve been fielding questions left and right about the impact CASL is going to have regarding doing business online. Essentially, anyone doing business in Canada, or with a business in Canada will be affected. CASL rolled out legislation at the beginning of the year. This legislation brought out one of the toughest anti-spam laws of its kind. Spreading across any individual or organization that texts, emails, or communicates electronically. Electronic data transmission effects everything. Beyond electronic commercial messages this new act effects anyone who works with the installation of computer programs, and the alteration of computer data. Inside, we’ll answer… Read Story

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

It’s been a quiet six months from us, but only in the blog. And if you’re anything like us, you’re a subscriber to a handful of blogs that deliver you amazing content on a regular basis. We sure hope we fall under that same category when you come over for a visit. The secret is, we felt like we haven’t been deserving that precious space in the “blogosphere”. In an effort to be completely honest with you, we’ve had the nagging feeling we’ve been contributing to the noise. Instead of delivering you content that rocked you at your core, we were delivering content… Read Story

Vancouver Interactive Heritage House Styles

We were lucky to be involved in this new initiative by the Vancouver Heritage Foundation. VHF developed an interactive tool that defines, details and illustrates local Vancouver house styles and their architectural elements. Using the extremely versatile WordPress platform, we were able to create a custom post type for the house styles and connect it up to give the user a great experience learning about our heritage! This was definitely a fun project to work on and we feel privileged to help out the way we did. What better way to show off our heritage in this lovely city of… Read Story

How to Build an Effective Sitemap

A great online experience is a result of more than visual presentation alone -  the hierarchy and organization of your content will directly impact the usability of the site. A sitemap is a document that shows the structure and relationship between the elements on your website. At SplitMango we produce sitemaps during the requirements planning phase of website design and development projects. Why should we bother creating a sitemap? We are ensuring the cart is before the horse, so to speak. The technology we choose depends in part on the scale and complexity of the website. Creating a sitemap early… Read Story

What is Cross-Browser Compatibility and Why Does it Matter?

Cross-browser compatibility is a fancy way of saying that your website should look and function well across the major browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and more. Better browsers, better web design techniques Web browsers have improved quite a bit over the last 10 years, and as a result, so have the techniques available to web designers to create beautiful modern designs. We can now easily employ rounded corners, shadows, gradients, or custom fonts in our designs using HTML5 and CSS3. This is both an opportunity and a challenge. It is now more important than ever to understand how… Read Story

What is Mobile Responsive Design?

The proliferation of smart phones and tablets has dramatically changed the way we design websites. Why? First, our customers expect to access websites anywhere there is an internet connection. Second, the plethora of device screen sizes means we have to consider how website information will appear in more than just the context of a desktop. Responsive, Defined Mobile responsive refers to web design in which the website content responds to resolution limitations of the device type.  We make use of grid patterns when laying out wireframes and creating the design. Grids serve to organize text and imagery in such a… Read Story

Anatomy of a Website Design Project

One of the most common questions we hear from new clients is, ‘how will the web design process work?’  Read on for an overview of the phases of a typical web design project. Discovery & Requirements This is the ‘get to know you’ phase, and it begins the moment we first speak with you about your organization. We ask you about the purpose of the website and how it factors into your business goals. We also ask about what you will need functionally in order to reach these goals. We offer suggestions and best practices along the way to help… Read Story

The 3 ‘U’s of Website Design: UX, UI & Usability

User-centered website design is, to put it simply, design with a focus on the user. User Experience (UX) User Experience is a broad term that refers to everything a customer, or ‘user’ interacts with. This could include your website and digital marketing and also the physical product or service you provide. User Interface (UI) User Interface often refers to the design of an element (such as a website) within the overall User Experience. The colours, controls, content, information architecture and layout are all part of the UI. Usability Usability is how well are your users are able to use the… Read Story

Is it Time to be Selling Online?

Have you considered selling online, but aren’t sure if it’s worth it? There is tremendous opportunity in online sales, yet Canadian retailers as a group are not taking advantage. We lag behind our neighbours to the south – so much so that Canada Post is encouraging businesses to go online with its E-Commerce Innovation Awards & prizes. In fact, despite stagnant sales figures for bricks and mortar stores in recent years, online retail continues to grow. With a projected increase in mobile device use for online sales, we can expect the trend to continue. The verdict is clear – wherever… Read Story

5 Signs Your Website Needs Professional Help

Here are five signs your website is under performing: Your website doesn’t exist. A successful business is one that customers can actually find. Where’s yours? Your website is built in Flash. Talk about performance anxiety. Bad for mobile and search, Flash websites have no place in modern web development. You have small edits to make, but you aren’t able to make even simple updates in-house. Modern content management systems have taken the sting out of, you guessed it, content management. You should have control over day-to-day content updates Your customers are complaining. Your site is confusing or broken, clients can’t… Read Story