Goings on from the centre of the mango

How to Choose Between a Web Design Company & Website Builders

What valuable tips should you know before choosing? You have a very important business and with today’s online world, you need a website. By now you’ve heard a lot of different options to obtain one of these so called ‘sites’. So let’s talk about the over arching options: building a website by yourself or paying a web developer to do it for you. Both options have their own pros and cons. I’ve witnessed firsthand the ease of building sites on an all in one platforms such as SquareSpace or Weebly and to be honest, it’s pretty cheap and they look… Read Story

Meet the Mangos – A Chat with Sam

Well it’s that time again to sit down with one of our staff. Today it’s Sam, our newest Interactive Developer. SplitMango: Hey Sam! Man, that smile would make anyone blush. Okay, quick question to get us started, what’s your name? Sam: My name is Sam Jeanes. SplitMango: What’s your background in design and development? Sam: I attended BCIT’s New Media Design & Web Development Program, but have had interest in photography since a young age. I started working in SEO for a company in Vancouver right out of school, and have been working on my own designs in my free… Read Story

Bike Routes and Practices Your Mom Would Be Proud Of

Cycling Vancouver in the summer rules. This summer (like last summer) you’ll find me pedaling the Sea Wall, down 10th to the farmers market, or on the way to Budgies Burritos. Cycling transformed my commutes from a frustration to a pleasure. Cycling is my favorite way to get around Vancouver. As the best season arrives, many more people around our city start riding again. We need to remember after an afternoon at Brassneck, safety comes first. I am not here to tell you how to ride, I just want you to be safe out there. Even if you are in the right,… Read Story

Meet the Mangos – A Chat with Jacqui

We sat down with Jacqui, one of our newest Interactive Developers, to chat about design, development and the Internet. SplitMango: Oh hey Jacqui, what’s your name? Jacqui: Jaclyn Alana Turtle Janzen but I prefer Jacqui. Why spell it with a ‘qui’ if there is no ‘qui’ in your given name? My mom lived in Winnipeg for a few years before I was born and frequented a club called “Jacqui”. Apparently she had so many good times at this particular discotech that she wanted to remember them forever through me… SplitMango: Interesting… What’s your background in design and development? Jacqui: I… Read Story

Passionate Design With Typeface, Font & Human Interaction

“How can text be read more efficiently?” – Kenneth Ormandy. We recently had the opportunity to hear from Kenneth Ormandy and Ryan Betts on the topics of passionate design, and human interaction at the Style and Class Meetup in Vancouver. We gathered with approximately 120 other people at Hootsuite to hear them explore the history and human element behind typeface, as well as the confessions of a Luddite. If that last part sounds odd to you don’t be alarmed, it did for us too, but it’s an interesting perspective Ryan Betts asked us to explore and we’ll get into that a… Read Story

Learning Code in Vancouver

Vancouver is full of code opportunities, which is pretty exciting for me. Code is really cool. It is the wood, lathe and tool box of our time. As you know, our lives are becoming more connected. We use products built by amazing designers and developers that really change the world. It’s so cool what we can build. Even if we are just building a homepage for our pets, it’s an amazing achievement. For me code has been more than that. It’s been the key to a career that could meet my needs and goals here in Vancouver. Learning a skill that can be learned by… Read Story

Developers Workbench #1: 4 Reasons Coding is Better Together

I love code, Adventure Time and all the homies that come along with both. Animation and jokes aside, Adventure Time is great because it delivers meaningful messages in understandable terms. Whether it’s “Dude, sucking at something is the first step to being sort of good at something” or “I know who I am and I’ll know what I want if and when it comes along”. The show has a way of playfully reminding it’s audience what’s important. In Season 2 Episode 25 Jake reminds Finn that “Homies Help Homies”. Mentioned a few times in the episode, that simple statement is… Read Story

WordPress Custom Design – Why It’s Worth It

  The most important question I get from clients is: “Why would I pay for a website when I can get a free WordPress template?” It’s totally a fair question. Entrepreneurs need to be careful with their budget. They need to know they’re investing in something that will add value to their business. I respect that. I just need to ask a question before answering: “Why would I choose your product or service over your competitors?” At this point clients usually looks off, dreamy eyed, into the future and lists off the reason their product is great. They are right to…. Read Story

Web Design, Coffee & Code – Airrick The Mango #3

It’s known fact that web designers run on coffee. Most people have a cup or two in the morning. Maybe one later. Here in Vancouver, our team brews coffee by the barrel. Our old coffee machine just couldn’t keep up with the demands of our web designers. So it was time to replace it. As web developers, we love functionality. Fast and efficient code is the holy grail of what we do. Sometimes we can’t help but apply that love to other areas. So we replaced our broken machine it with a 42 cup coffee tower! When you strip the web design… Read Story

WordPress in Vancouver – Adventures with Airrick #2

WordPress in Vancouver – An Energetic Week at SplitMango. Another successful week at the Mango! The office was alive this week. The team was busy taking on new projects and launching others. Pixels were perfected and designs were realized with projects being presented to clients. On top of that there was a photographer helping us look our best! WordPress – A Valuable Tool. My work this week included customizing the WordPress dashboard. I planned out how clients would create and edit content with WordPress. This helps showcase WordPress’s value to client’s here in Vancouver. It’s an important tool! After all, our clients should love using… Read Story