Goings on from the centre of the mango

WordPress Custom Design – Why It’s Worth It

  The most important question I get from clients is: “Why would I pay for a website when I can get a free WordPress template?” It’s totally a fair question. Entrepreneurs need to be careful with their budget. They need to know they’re investing in something that will add value to their business. I respect that. I just need to ask a question before answering: “Why would I choose your product or service over your competitors?” At this point clients usually looks off, dreamy eyed, into the future and lists off the reason their product is great. They are right to…. Read Story

Web Design, Coffee & Code – Airrick The Mango #3

It’s known fact that web designers run on coffee. Most people have a cup or two in the morning. Maybe one later. Here in Vancouver, our team brews coffee by the barrel. Our old coffee machine just couldn’t keep up with the demands of our web designers. So it was time to replace it. As web developers, we love functionality. Fast and efficient code is the holy grail of what we do. Sometimes we can’t help but apply that love to other areas. So we replaced our broken machine it with a 42 cup coffee tower! When you strip the web design… Read Story

WordPress in Vancouver – Adventures with Airrick #2

WordPress in Vancouver – An Energetic Week at SplitMango. Another successful week at the Mango! The office was alive this week. The team was busy taking on new projects and launching others. Pixels were perfected and designs were realized with projects being presented to clients. On top of that there was a photographer helping us look our best! WordPress – A Valuable Tool. My work this week included customizing the WordPress dashboard. I planned out how clients would create and edit content with WordPress. This helps showcase WordPress’s value to client’s here in Vancouver. It’s an important tool! After all, our clients should love using… Read Story

WordPress Development In The Real World: Part 1

Hi, I’m Airrick. A practicum student from BCIT’s New Media and Web Development Program. I’ve joined SplitMango for the next little while to help them bring more great websites to the internet. During my first week I’ve continued to learn about WordPress development. I’ve also learned a few things about adaptability. Mostly that learning requires creativity, passion, and a little bit of pressure. Vancouver’s WordPress development community offers mountains of all three. Specializing in custom WordPress development, SplitMango is a perfect fit for my practicum. In the first half of my program, students learn the basics of web development. They continue with Javascript, PHP… Read Story

The Adventures of Airrick the Mango

Please welcome a new member to the team, Airrick! Our latest BCIT practicum student, Mr Dunfield will be learning what life as a web developer, in the real world, is really like. Being thrown right into the deep end is how we like to treat our students. Will they sink or will they swim? This is by far the best way to see if code is for you! Airrick will be blogging about his adventures here at SplitMango HQ. And if you’re lucky, he may even pass on a thing or two of what he’s learnt along the way.

Variant images, responsive checkout and storefront languages – new features coming soon to Shopify

Being a Shopify partner, we receive early beta access to some of the great new features coming soon. Today I’m happy to announce that there will be 3 new features coming later this month and we’ve tested them out and so far very impressed. Variant Images Variant images is an easy way to display different images based on different variants. How does this work? Well, if you have multiple colours of your product and you’d like to display different images based on what is selected, well now you can! This new feature has been one of our top requests by all our clients and I… Read Story

Quality is king: How Canada is taking a stand against spam

We’ve been fielding questions left and right about the impact CASL is going to have regarding doing business online. Essentially, anyone doing business in Canada, or with a business in Canada will be affected. CASL rolled out legislation at the beginning of the year. This legislation brought out one of the toughest anti-spam laws of its kind. Spreading across any individual or organization that texts, emails, or communicates electronically. Electronic data transmission effects everything. Beyond electronic commercial messages this new act effects anyone who works with the installation of computer programs, and the alteration of computer data. Inside, we’ll answer… Read Story

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

It’s been a quiet six months from us, but only in the blog. And if you’re anything like us, you’re a subscriber to a handful of blogs that deliver you amazing content on a regular basis. We sure hope we fall under that same category when you come over for a visit. The secret is, we felt like we haven’t been deserving that precious space in the “blogosphere”. In an effort to be completely honest with you, we’ve had the nagging feeling we’ve been contributing to the noise. Instead of delivering you content that rocked you at your core, we were delivering content… Read Story

Vancouver Interactive Heritage House Styles

We were lucky to be involved in this new initiative by the Vancouver Heritage Foundation. VHF developed an interactive tool that defines, details and illustrates local Vancouver house styles and their architectural elements. Using the extremely versatile WordPress platform, we were able to create a custom post type for the house styles and connect it up to give the user a great experience learning about our heritage! This was definitely a fun project to work on and we feel privileged to help out the way we did. What better way to show off our heritage in this lovely city of… Read Story

How to Build an Effective Sitemap

A great online experience is a result of more than visual presentation alone –  the hierarchy and organization of your content will directly impact the usability of the site. A sitemap is a document that shows the structure and relationship between the elements on your website. At SplitMango we produce sitemaps during the requirements planning phase of website design and development projects. Why should we bother creating a sitemap? We are ensuring the cart is before the horse, so to speak. The technology we choose depends in part on the scale and complexity of the website. Creating a sitemap early… Read Story