SplitMango is an award-winning custom web development agency in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our business is built on the belief that everyone deserves a well-designed, well-planned, and high performing website. We specialize in creating custom websites and web applications.

Your Dream Team

With a wealth of web experience and a passion for leveraging emerging technologies, David provides sound technical leadership to clients and partners as the Managing Director of SplitMango. His mission is to enable business owners through technology

David Miller
Managing Director

Dmitry is a passionate software engineer and advocate for clean and reusable design. He specializes in development of custom web-sites and mobile applications. Driven by the latest technology he loves to experiment and constantly pushes the envelope of his knowledge.

Dmitry Varennikov

Believing in usability as the key, Willie has a deep love for minimal designs. "The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak." It is with this mindset that he works closely with you to set your story on the right path.

Willie Li
Web Designer

Mexican designer with extensive experience in web, print design and identity. Having a wide range of capabilities keeps her motivated to find different ways of approaching design. She believes in creating clean, aesthetic and usable products to help your company succeed.

Esperanza Garcia
Web Designer

Airrick loves to build things. Call him a digital tinkerer, a code monkey, or whatever you like. Watching a product develop from start to finish drives his excitement for this industry. Well, that and the industry's communal love of coffee.

Airrick Dunfield
Web Developer

While Jacqui's first love is design, it wasn't until she discovered web development that she truly found her niche. With experience in both, Jacqui is here to save the Internet from all of the ugly, cluttered websites. You know the ones she means.

Jacqui Janzen
Web Developer

Driven by the achievements of peers & his own ambitions, Sam's working hard to build on his BCIT education. He's a visual learner who builds creative, functional projects that benefit users. He enjoys measuring the impact of content & how words shape interaction.

Sam Jeanes
SEO & Content Strategist

Our office culture is the perfect blend of laid back and fired up. We believe the best work happens when people love what they do and where they work. If you are passionate about web development, and value teamwork and a fun office environment, don't be shy – let’s connect!

Email us at iwannawork@splitmango.com.