SplitMango is an award-winning custom web development agency in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our business is built on the belief that everyone deserves a well-designed, well-planned, and high performing website. We specialize in creating custom websites and web applications.

Your Dream Team

With a wealth of web experience and a passion for leveraging emerging technologies, David provides sound technical leadership to clients and partners as the Managing Director of SplitMango. His mission is to enable business owners through technology

David Miller
Technical Lead / Developer

Born and raised in the city of Vancouver, Ken is a "take this idea and run with it" kind of guy. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from UBC, he has the technical smarts to solve problems while focusing on web development that works.

Ken Adachi
Lead Developer

Todd completed his undergraduate degree in Interaction Design at Simon Fraser University, School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT). His attention to detail and understanding of the spectrum of devices/browsers makes him a valuable addition to the team.

Todd Baylis
Interactive Developer

Believing in usability as the key, I have a deep love for minimal designs. "The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak." It is with this mindset I work closely with you to set your story on the right path.

Willie Li
Interactive Designer

Taher has a passion for web development and problem solving, he enjoys taking on tough challenges and converting ideas into applications. Taher graduated from Simon Fraser University with a degree in Computing Science.

Taher Dameh
Software Developer

Amber is an interface designer and front end developer. Graduating from Capilano University, Amber holds a diploma in Interactive Development and Graphic Design which means she brings an ample skill set to any project. This really excites Amber as she gets to take many ideas to bring them into reality.

Amber Wilson
Interactive Developer

Our office culture is the perfect blend of laid back and fired up. We believe the best work happens when people love what they do and where they work. If you are passionate about web development, and value teamwork and a fun office environment, don't be shy – let’s connect!

Email us at iwannawork@splitmango.com.